I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer so far.  I know with all the heat and humidity, it is hard to start thinking about getting back on the ice, but we are ready for you to register!

This year, registration will be done through an online portal called Ramp.  Here is the link that will take you to the Site:

HMR Ramp Registration Page

You will first need to set yourself up as a user for the site, before filling out all of the registration information.  At this time, we are just asking you to register, not necessarily submit payment.  You may wait until 2 weeks after we are back on the ice to submit payment.  We are asking you to register as soon as possible, so we can start to get an idea of what our teams configurations will look like.

To no surprise, this year will unfold very differently from other years.  Aside from adhering to local public health guidelines, and the Town of Hanover facility use guidelines, we must adhere to Return to Play guidelines set out by Ringette Ontario.  Please review these guidelines at

Ringette Ontario Return to Play Guidelines

We hope to be back on the ice at the beginning of October, once a week on Thursday evenings for practices. Regular league play will not resume until the beginning of January 2021.

A lot of work has already happened behind the scenes to put together return to play plans, and a lot of work still needs to be done.  But we have an enthusiastic and dedicated Board, who are working diligently to try and make this happen.  As is everything with this pandemic, the situation remains fluid and can change frequently, regardless of how well thought out our plans are.

After holding a board meeting, we felt it necessary to leave registration fees the same as they were last year, for multiple reasons.  Although we will not be using as much ice time as other years, we still have a significant amount of expenses, and will not have the opportunity for as much fundraising as we usually do.  We don’t feel we can safely run our bottle drive as we usually do at the beginning of the season.  This fundraiser alone usually brings us in over $2,000.  Our insurance fees will likely be going up, and we have some other necessary legal expenses to incur this year.  At the end of the season, if we are in a surplus position, we will not hesitate to refund you a portion of your registration fee.

If you have any questions about registration, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Please also take the time to read through the Ringette Ontario return to play guidelines, as it will likely answer a lot of your questions that you have.

Take Care,
Alanda Lantz
HMR Registrar

New to Ringette?  A typical season looks like this!

In 2018/2019 Hanover Heat iced two teams – a U14 and a U16 team.  Each team had a twenty game schedule – 10 home games and 10 away games and a practice each Thursday night.  Practices times alternated between the two teams on a monthly basis – one month at 5pm and the next month at 5:55pm.  The home games were played on Sunday afternoons at the P&H Centre.  The away games were also on weekends so no need to worry about travelling late on a school night.  Both teams attended a tournament in Mitchell early in the season and both teams attended the Newmarket Ignite the Ice Tournament on Family Day Weekend.  Each team traveled to Tillsonburg to compete in the year end Regional Tournament at the end of March, the U16 brought home GOLD medals and the U14 snagged the SILVER.  GO HEAT!!

What to Wear – Ringette players wear a helmet with a ringette face mask, neck guard, elbow pads and shoulder pads, a jill with hockey pants and socks or a girdle and ringette pants, shin guards, skates, gloves and of course a straight stick to stab the ring!

Fundraising – In order to keep our costs down Hanover Minor Ringette has a bottle drive each fall – team members sport their jerseys and knock on doors asking to collect – this is a fun night for the players and gets everybody in the spirit to kick off another season.  A second fundraiser is held prior to Christmas and in the past has been selling Elmira Chicken or Little Caesar’s Pizza.  Each family is asked to sell 12 units or contribute $60 if you choose to opt out.  The fundraising ends with the sale of chocolate bars.  Each family is asked to pay $120 for two cases of chocolate bars and then sell the goodies and keep the proceeds or contribute $60 and opt out.

Contact Us – check out our website at for more information and details.  Please feel free to chat with any HMR member or email, we’d be happy to chat!